ARC Colloquium: Brittany Terese Fasy–Tulane University

(Note: location changed to CCB 102)

Title:  Providing Statistical Guarantees for Topological Summaries of Data

Persistent homology is a method for probing topological properties of point clouds and function. The method involves tracking the birth and death of topological features as one varies a tuning parameter. Features with short lifetimes are informally considered to be “topological noise.” I am interested in bringing statistical ideas to persistent homology in order to distinguish topological signal from topological noise and to derive meaningful, yet computable, summaries of large datasets.  In this talk, I will define some of the existing topological summaries of data, and show how we can provide statistical guarantees of these summaries.

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  • Monday, December 8, 2014
    12:00 pm
Location: College of Computing Room 102

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  • Brittany Terese Fasy

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