Spring 2018 ARC Colloquium Series

Algorithms & Randomness Center (ARC)

Spring 2018 Colloquium Series

Mondays at 11am in Klaus 1116 East

January 17 (Wednesday): ARC-TRIAD Seminar by Cong Han Lim (Wisconsin)  at 10:00 am in Groseclose 402

January 22: Yan Shuo Tan (Michigan)

February 5: Di Wang (Berkeley)

February 9 (1pm): Greg Bodwin (MIT)

February 12: Aaron Schild (Berkeley)

February 19: Vivek Madan (UIUC)

February 26: No seminar (Barvinok lectures this week)

March 5: Piotr Indyk (MIT)

March 12: Xiaorui Sun (Simons)

March 19: Spring break

March 28 (Wednesday at 11am): ARC faculty research lunch with Eva Dyer (BME)

April 23: Alexandre Stauffer (Bath)


Fall 2018:

September 3: Labor day - no seminar

September 10: 

September 17: Venkat Guruswami (CMU)

September 24:

October 1:

October 8: Fall break - no seminar

October 15:

October 22:

October 29:

November 5:

November 12:

November 19: Thanksgiving week - no seminar


Fall 2017 Schedule:

September 18:   Ilias Diakonikolas (USC)
Statistical Query Lower Bounds for High-Dimensional Unsupervised Learning

Thursday, September 21:   Andreas Galanis (Oxford)  Klaus 1116 West
Random Walks on Small World Networks                    

September 25:   Stefanie Jegelka (MIT)  Caddell Flex Space Rm 122-126 
Variations of Submodularity and Diversity: from Robust Optimization to Markov Chains

October 2:   Reza Gheissari (NYU)
Mixing Times of Critical 2D Potts Models

October 9:  No seminar -- Fall break

Friday, October 20: Joint ARC-Combinatorics seminar:  Mike Molloy (Toronto) 11:00 AM Skiles 005
 The list chromatic number of graphs with small clique number

October 23:   Barna Saha (UMass Amherst)
              Language Edit Distance, (min,+)-Matrix Multiplication & Beyond

October 30:   ARC 11: ARC Distinguished Lecture by Robert Schapire (Microsoft)
The Contextual Bandits Problem:  Techniques for Learning to Make High-Reward Decisions
               Full ARC 11 Program Schedule  (talks begin at 10am)

November 6:   Aviad Rubinstein (UC Berkeley)
 Distributed PCP Theorems for Hardness of Approximation in P

November 20: No seminar -- Thanksgiving week

November 27:   Jonathan Hermon (Cambridge)
A characterization of $L_p$ mixing, cutoff and hypercontractivity via maximal inequalities and hitting times.

December 4:     Scott Aaronson (UT Austin)
Black Holes, Firewalls, and the Limits of Quantum Computers

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