Spring '17 ARC Fellowship Winners

4 students from Math, ISyE, and CoC awarded fellowships

ARC is delighted to announce that 4 fellowships were awarded to PhD students in Math, ISyE, and CS for the Spring 2017 semester:

  • Marcel Celaya (ACO PhD, Math), advisor: Josephine Yu
    • Project title: An algorithmic approach to the Gohberg-Markus-Hadwiger conjecture 
  • Samira Samida (CS PhD, CS), advisor: Santosh Vempala
    • Project title: Human Computation with Application to Humanly Usable and Secure Password Methods 
  • Alfredo Torrico (OR PhD, ISyE), advisor: Sebastian Pokutta
    • Project title: Online Constrained Submodular Minimization with Bandit Feedback
  • Di Wu (OR PhD, ISyE), advisor: Enlu Zhou
    • Project title: Simulation Budget Allocation Under Input Uncertainty 

Thanks to the generosity of IISP, Samida's award was a joint IISP-ARC fellowship.


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