ARC Student Fellowship for Spring 2013

ARC Student Fellowship for Spring 2013

 ARC fellowships for spring 2013

 Interested students should submit a brief (2 page maximum) description of a research project, indicating the mentor(s)/advisor(s). The description should include a focused research problem and its importance and significance should be made evident to non-expert readers. Preference will be given to projects that give a clear statement of relevance and previous work, a description of the research plan, the context of the research and connections to other areas (if any) that are in line with ARC's mission. Proposals that are precise in explaining the problem(s) (for example which include sufficient mathematical details to state the problem). Students are strongly encouraged to have their advisor(s) review the proposal before submitting it. Research topics in the broad areas of algorithms, randomness and complexity are suitable and could range from purely theoretical investigations to system building based on new algorithmic ideas. Projects could be based on collaborative efforts between two or more groups/faculty members. 

In addition, it is recommended that the project advisor(s) submit a one-paragraph letter of recommendation (to be submitted separately from the proposal) in which (s)he succinctly argues that the student(s) and the project are worthy of support.

Typical awards will be matching grants, i.e., the mentor/advisor supports half an RA and ARC provides the other half.

The committee's general policy is to pick the best applications.  However, if a student already received ARC funding in a preceding semester (SPRING/FALL), then he/she would have lower priority than others who have not been funded by ARC in the current year, but are judged worthy of funding. Funding decisions will be made by the ARC committee consisting of Gregory Blekherman, Math; Santanu Dey, ISYE; David Goldberg, ISYE; Alexandra Boldyreva, CS,  Nina Balcan, CS and Santosh Vempala, CS and ISYE (courtesy). Applications and adviser paragraphs should be sent by email to Elizabeth Ndongi no later than November 5, 2012.

 Examples of previously successful applications: