Industry Relations

The availability of increasingly powerful information processing technology has been affecting modern business operations on many levels. Efficient IT systems allow for managing global business operations in unprecedented levels of precision. For example, the availability of real-time operational and financial data allows for the detection of shifts in market regimes and in-time adjustments of operations in many cases and price levels are adjusted to seasonality and commodity prices. The trend of IT-driven high-precision business operations will continue and there is little doubt that improved IT systems will deliver even higher levels of efficiency in the future. Imperative for these developments are increasingly powerful algorithms using state-of-the-art components from algorithms, optimization, simulation, and data analysis in order to deliver problem-driven solutions to real-world problems with unprecedented performance. The Algorithms & Randomness Center (ARC) recognizes and fully supports this economic driver, offering expertise in the development of customized, innovative, and problem-driven algorithms while meeting highest standards of today's businesses.

ARC offers a variety of modes of collaboration catering for specific requirements:
  1. Consulting: Short-term involvements. Targeted towards solution of specific problems with smaller scope.
  2. Industry projects: Longer-term involvement. Highly targeted towards solution of specific problems with larger scope.
  3. Research projects: Longer-term involvement. Exploratory research to gauge potential and limitations of new technology and methodology.

 All involvements are preceded by a gap analysis/due diligence phase to define scope, evaluate data quality, and define deliverables.

Industry Liaisons