ARC Fellowship Winners for Fall 2016

ARC is delighted to announce that 5 fellowships were awarded to PhD students in CS and ISyE for the Fall 2016 semester:

  • David Durfee (ACO PhD, CS), advisor: Richard Peng
    • Project title: Vertex Elimination Techniques and their Applications to Graph Algorithms
  • Ezgi Karabulut (OR PhD, ISyE), advisors: Shabbir Ahmed and George Nemhauser 
    • Project title: Auction Algorithms for Distributed Integer Programming
  • Kevin Lai (ACO PhD, CS), advisor: Santosh Vempala
    • Project title: Parameter Estimation for Mixtures of Gaussians with Adversarial Noise
  • Tung Mai (ACO PhD, CS), advisor: Vijay Vazirani
    • Project title: Approximating the Non-symmetric Nash Social Welfare
  •  Tianxin Tang (CS PhD, CS), advisor: Alexandra Boldyreva
    • Project title: Keyless Fuzzy Search on Encrypted Data

Thanks to the generosity of IISP, Tang's award was a joint GTISC-ARC fellowship.

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Eric Vigoda