7 Student Fellowships for Spring '18

ARC is pleased to announce that 7 student fellowships were awarded for the Spring 2018 semester.  
The award winners (in arbitrary order):
ARC-TRIAD fellowships:
  • Rui Gao (ISyE), advisor: Anton Kleywegt (ISyE)
    • Project title: Wasserstein Distributional Robustness and Generalization
  • Adrian Rivera Cardoso (ISyE), advisor: Huan Xu (ISyE)
    • Project title: Online Risk Averse Minimization with Bandit Feedback
  • Zhehui Chen (ISyE), advisor: Tuo Zhao (ISyE)
    • Project title: Online Generalized Eigenvalue Decomposition: Min-max Formulation, Primal Dual Landscape and Efficient Optimization
  • George Kerchev (Math), advisor: Christian Houdre (Math)
    • Project title: Asymptotic behavior of the length of the longest common subsequence in hidden Markov models
  • Jun-Kun Wang (CS), advisor: Jacob Abernethy (CS)
    • Project title: Online Frank-Wolfe and its Application in Herding
  • Uthaipon Tantipongpipat (CS), advisor: Mohit Singh (ISyE)
    • Project title: Design and Analysis of Approximation Algorithms for Optimal Design
ARC-ACO fellowship:
  • He Guo (Math), advisor: Lutz Warnke (Math)
    • Project title: Semi-Random Algorithmic Constructions
The review committee was Milena Mihail, Sebastian Pokutta, 
Santosh Vempala, Yao Xie, Josephine Yu, and Enlu Zhou.