Fellowship winners for Spring '19

The Algorithms and Randomness Center (ARC) and Transdisciplinary Research Institute for Advancing Data Science (TRIAD) are pleased to announce the 8 ARC-TRIAD fellowship receipients for the Spring 2019 semester:

  • Minshuo Chen (ML, ISyE), advisor: Tuo Zhao (ISyE)
    • Project title: On Nonconvex Stochastic Optimization of Residual Networks
  • Zongchen Chen (ACO, CS), advisor: Eric Vigoda (CS)
    • Project title: Distribution Testing for Markov Random Fields
  • Daniela Hurtado Lange (OR, ISyE), advisor: Siva Theja Maguluri (ISyE)
    • Project title: Performance analysis of scheduling algorithms in a switch 
  • Tianyi Liu (OR, ISyE), advisor: Enlu Zhou (ISyE)
    • Project title: Online Risk Quantification of Input Uncertainty
  • Sebastian Perez-Salazar (ACO, ISyE), advisors: Mohit Singh (ISyE) and Alejandro Toriello (ISyE)
    • Project title: Dynamic allocation in the Cloud with Near-Optimal Efficiency
  • Samantha Petti (ACO, Math), advisor: Santosh Vempala (CS)
    • Project title: Testing Geometric Convexity
  • Youngho Yoo (ACO, Math), advisor: Robin Thomas (Math)
    • Project title: Packing zero A-paths in undirected group labelled graphs
  • Wanrong Zhang (IE, ISyE), advisors: Yajun Mei (ISyE) and Rachel Cummings (ISyE)
    • Project title: Online Monitoring Streaming Data Under Privacy or Resources Constraints

The review committee was Matthieu Bloch, Wenjing Liao, Vivek Madan, Siva Theja Maguluri, Mohit Singh (chair), Santosh Vempala, Lutz Warnke, Yao Xie, and Tuo Zhao.