Georgia Tech hosts TetFest60: Probabilistic Trajectories in Algorithms and Combinatorics

Georgia Tech hosted a 2-day workshop (September 9-10, 2023) on the rich interplay between randomness, algorithms, and discrete mathematics with a view towards both the history of how these topics came together and flourished and exciting future directions and challenges. 

The occasion of the workshop was a reflection on the remarkable career of Prasad Tetali, currently Head of Mathematical Sciences at Carnegie Mellon and formerly professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Georgia Tech. The workshop highlighted this by focusing on the many research directions influenced by Tetali’s career. Speakers included researchers in Algorithms, Combinatorics and Probability, with all speakers crossing these boundaries.  Over 120 people attended the workshop, including Georgia Tech students and faculty in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Industrial Systems and Engineering and faculty, students and postdocs around the country.

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